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Re: Debian etch

On Tue, 03 Jan 2006, Roger Leigh wrote:
> Thomas Hoehn <thomas_hoehn@gmx.net> writes:
> > In case no japanese Debian user has told you yet - just to give
> > you a hint: the word "etch" (written as H) in Japanese means
> > "indecent", "lewd" or just "pornographic". Maybe you should rename
> > this release or at least the japanese version...
> Why not just translate the word "etch"? It's very difficult to pick
> a name that /doesn't/ mean something bad in at least one language
> around the world, so perhaps it's better if folks simply put the
> name in its correct context: that of a Toy Story character.

Considering the fact that we had no problems with a release codenamed
"woody", I think some incidental indecency is not something to worry

Don Armstrong


http://www.donarmstrong.com              http://rzlab.ucr.edu

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