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Re: Complaint about #debian operator

* David Nusinow:

> Martin, I'd like for you to come in to #debian. Not for an hour or a few
> hours, but for a few weeks to see what it's like. We have consistently
> refused to support non-Debian distros for years, including knoppix and
> ubuntu.

AFAICT, the question which sparked this thread was not a support

I can understand that you want to make Debian advocacy off-topic on
#debian, to avoid flame wars.  But advocacy-related discussions should
not be sent straight to our alternatives (or competitors), either.  I
don't fear that the alternatives propagate a too biased view, but the
message contained in such a refusal to discuss alternatives: a
profound belief in our own elite status.

IMHO, #debian-advocacy (if it exists) would be a better choice than

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