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Re: Complaint about #debian operator

Josh Rehman <josh@joshrehman.com>

> As for being warned, I was told that because my discussion was about
> ubuntu I should stop. Because I felt my discussion was not about
> ubuntu, I did not feel that I should have to stop.

Then you needed to explain why, not just continue blindly and
rail against authority on-channel. Rightly or wrongly, op's
have authority and railing on-channel usually brings a ban.

> > I don't particularly agree with the second ban, though.
> Glad to hear; it is roughly equivalent to a customer service person
> hanging up on you when you ask to talk to their manager.

Rubbish. The participants could not direct you to the "manager"
on IRC and you continued after debian-project had been mentioned
with vaguely menacing tone towards dondelelcaro.  What were
you going to do besides continue off-topic?

> I'm still not really clear on why asking questions about Debian is
> off-topic on #debian. [...]

This was told to you a few times:
"this is a technical support channel, mostly" and
"distribution discussions are not a priori on-topic"

> I've had experience with IRC in the distant past (1999?), and
> egotistical users were a primary reason I don't use the service. I had
> expected a debian channel to be different.

Why? We have the usual mix of supporters.

> Telling a new user to "shut up" first thing is traditional troll
> behavior [...]

Opening by asking whether anyone is alive is traditional troll
behaviour (is there anyone to annoy?), possibly second only to a/s/l.
I don't know whether it still does, but the #debian topic used
to warn against that and asking to whether to ask.

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