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Re: Complaint about #debian operator

On Sat, Dec 10, 2005 at 01:17:23PM +0100, martin f krafft wrote:
> I don't think any discussion comparing Debian to Ubuntu is off-topic
> for Debian. 

Right, but that doesn't say it is on-topic for #debian (or did you mean

> A user coming to #debian wondering why Ubuntu would get so much
> publicity and inquiring about the differences mainly shows that
> people have not forgotten that Ubuntu is Debian, and not the other
> way around. I think it is better for "plain users" to go with
> Ubuntu, while power users may want to use Debian instead. Our
> priorities are our users, so isn't it better to help a future Ubuntu
> user realise that Ubuntu is a better choice, than to risk gaining
> a Debian user who'll be frustrated and throw in the towel soon?


> I think it would support Debian greatly if people would actually
> understand what Ubuntu is all about, and how it differs from Debian.
> After all, Ubuntu is not just another distribution.

The problem is that the current #debian regulars do not seem to have
time or resources in order to deal with this everytime a newcomer comes
to #debian and asks that question.

You are welcome to idle in #debian and have a highlight on `ubuntu' to
address these questions, should you have the time.

> If josh got banned for his conduct, maybe deadcat should also get
> banned?

Well, maybe, yeah.  I am not a channel operator, though.  Also note that
deadcat is AFAIK at least a semi-regular, i.e. he spends a considerable
amount of time in #debian and might be helpful at other times.  I
believe we should be much more cautious to ban (semi-)regulars not just
on one or two bad occasions, the accusation that Debian Developers are
power-hungry freaks who tend to ban regulars for no good reason has been
voiced before, see this from the same log even:

[01:38] PerfDave: azeem: No, it is true. Every now and again a bunch of
        Debian people come along, get all shitty and ban all the
        regulars for no reason, then they get bored and fuck off again
        and things return to usual :)

I don't think this is actually true, of course, but me should be very
sensitive to this in order to avoid alienating the helpful and good
regulars in #debian.



Michael Banck
Debian Developer

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