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Re: Complaint about #debian operator

One thing that is obvious from reading that transcript is that you are
not familiar with IRC. #debian is a very high-traffic channel and as
such, it has to be tightly monitored for on-topic discussion, lest the
off-topic stuff drown out cries for help.

Not only did you get some helpful answers to your queries, but you
didn't take up other opportunities to continue the discussion with a
willing participant: namely, messaging det privately. Not knowing how do
to so is not much of an excuse[1]. Additionally, your comments to don
regarding escalating the matter are most certainly off-topic too. What
other course of action do you think would have been reasonable at that
point, to keep the channel useful to the majority of people?

I don't doubt your sincerity, but someone presented with the irclog but
not the comments in your mail could quite easily come to the conclusion
that you were a troll specifically setting out to cause disruption.

Regarding deadrat, one of the things it's important to learn about IRC
is the /ignore command, and when to use it.

[1] there are IRC channels setup specifically for beginners. I could be
    wrong but I think there are some for debian newbies, too.

Jon Dowland

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