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Re: Getting LSB 3.0 support into Debian (Was: Delegation for trademark negotiatons with the DCCA)

> "Stealing" them might be easier than you think, I beleive that most
> of the LSB work being done for DCCA is being done by Jeff Licquia of
> progeny, who is also working on the Debian LSB effort.

Oh, have no doubt, I do not consider it hard to steal this back.  I
know Jeff personally as a skilled and understanding debian developer,
though way to overworked for his own good, so I believe he is doing
his best to push things back in the limited time he got available for

Because of this, I believe we should not wait for anyone else to find
time to move these changes back to debian, but instead go out, each
and every one of us, and pick the good pieces from the net and
integrate them back into debian. :)

I'll do it for my packages.  I hope the rest of you do it for
yours. :)

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