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Re: Debian UK

* Sven Luther (sven.luther@wanadoo.fr) wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 07, 2005 at 07:52:40AM -0400, Stephen Frost wrote:
> > What makes it even worse is that on debian.org websites we claim to not
> > sell products yet at the *Debian* booth at whichever UK expos DUS goes
> > to we *are* selling products.  It seems pretty likely that the sponsored
> > booth is in Debian's name, either explicitly or as Debian-UK with the
> > assumption that Debian-UK is the UK branch of Debian.
> I saw products being sold at LinuxTag's debian booth, and saw no major problem
> with that.

Great, then perhaps you'd support a move for Debian to become a
commercial entity.  I suspect you're in the minority but I'd be happy to
be wrong.

> > I believe there is some animosity due to the opt-out issue but that's
> > not what I'm focused on since it's not terribly interesting.  There are
> > some important issues here regarding Debian's non-commercial stance and
> > use of its name in other countries.
> Come on, be serious, selling a few tshirts and stuff during a couple yearly
> expos and having the benefit go to debian is hardly what anyone serious minded
> mentions as commercial when speaking about debian.

I'm being completely serious and I certainly consider selling products
to be commercial activity.

> The problem would appear if there was a large volume being made, if the profit
> didn't go exclusively to debian, and such.

I don't believe being commercial has some kind of volume requirement.

> > It might help to point out that I'm not in the UK..
> He, thanks, i didn't know that. 
> Anyway, if you are serious about getting this stuff cleared out, make a policy
> proposal, but please stop this name calling non-sense.

See, the issue is that I understood that there was already a policy of
being non-commercial.  It would seem our website and at least some other
DDs would agree with that understanding.  I don't mind a proposal to
change that policy but I don't feel that excuses entities in other
countries from having to follow the current policy.

> If the proposal is good, it will either be adopted, or we can vote on this,
> but i guess this would further ridiculie us in the face of the world than this
> thread already does.

I think we'd have to vote on it, personally..  Perhaps not though.
I do think we should do some research into what our current donars would
think of such a change in policy though.  Either way I think it's certainly 
a fair question to ask of ourselves and don't feel asking it would
somehow be of detriment to Debian.



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