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Re: Debian UK

* Sven Luther (sven.luther@wanadoo.fr) wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 07, 2005 at 08:03:03AM -0400, Stephen Frost wrote:
> > I'm not so sure I agree with this interpretation...  When we claim to
> > not sell products, and therefore claim to be non-commercial, I'd have to
> > say that I'd expect anything which does sell products or is commercial
> > would be considered a business to us.
> Oh come on, do you have an idea of the volume involved ? And as far as i know,
> debian is a software project, not a tshirt-and-mug-and-whatnot selling one.

Being commercial or not isn't dependent upon how much is sold.  If you
feel that the majority of Debian would be okay with some volume
limitation of how much it sells then that might be something to
follow-up on but I don't believe organizations which donate to us have
such limitations in their policies regarding commercial entities they
want to donate to...

> > Either Debian's going to be a commercial entity or it's not.  I'd
> > brought this issue up before (on d-d I believe) and got shot down by a
> > number of people for proposing that we try to supplement our cash
> > reserves by selling things and perhaps some day be able to pay for our
> > own hosting, etc.
> So ? Jumping in it this whole mess instead of doing a proper proposal will
> hardly bring you a more serious hearing from most here (well, at least not
> from me).

I'm not the one who's already activitely selling products...  I'm not
really here to advocate my position that Debian should be commercial, my
original concern was that Debian should decide one way or the other and
then Debian and close entities should follow that decision, which is not
being done.  I brought up that I feel Debian should be a commercial
entity more to point out that I'm not against the idea but about going
against what I felt was the majority and the existing policy.

> > > And BTW, anyway, does the debian trademark extend to textile and such ? Or is
> > > it only restricted to software products ?
> > 
> > That's an interesting question and not really very well phrased and so
> > is kind of difficult to answer.
> That is bullshit, and you perfectly know it. Anyone with the less knowledge
> about trademark know that they are not all encompassing, but that you have to
> declare field of endeavour or whatever it is called. In france if you delclare
> a trademark you get to fill for 3-4 fields for the same price for example.

No, trademarks aren't all encompassing.  There's also copyright law
which governs the logo.  There's also the issue that you're not selling
a type of t-shirt which you've decided to trademark and call 'Debian'.
There's also the issue that it's being sold at the Debian booth, etc.
It's not so simple as you're trying to make it out to be, unfortunately.

> I guess that the debian trademark covers software and other computer related
> product, but does it covers drinks, carpentry, toys for children, vestimentary
> stuff, kitchen equipements and so on ? (well, not quite sure about the
> categories, but software and tshirt definitvely don't fall in the same
> category).

No, they don't, but that's not what's at issue here and claiming it is
shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the issue...



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