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Re: Debian UK

Sven Luther <sven.luther@wanadoo.fr> wrote:
> And BTW, anyway, does the debian trademark extend to textile and such ? Or is
> it only restricted to software products ?

I don't think it does, which may be the reason for the non-free
logo.  DUS (the _D_ebian _U_K _S_ociety... debian-uk is a
mailing list I'm happy to be on) is also selling software and
I think deliberately naming your organisation with someone else's
trademark is generally bad practice.

> [...] Any juridicial system, where you get assigned
> responsability like that without attending the AGM and signing
> in is probably worthless. I doubt the UK judicial system is
> in this case though.

Quite so! Freedom of association is a basic principle. I hope
DUS's membership assertion wouldn't work as a couple of people
have suggested, but I'd prefer not the risk of court time
to have that confirmed if something goes wrong.

Involuntary membership does exist and that's usually mentioned
in legislation: student unions do it under the terms of the
Education Act 1994. I think the few involuntary membership
groups I know are incorporated, which limits liability.
(I feel some of DUS wrote the constitution as if it was part
of a student union and missed out some necessary features.)

> [...] you have hardly been resaonable in some of your points, so i believe
> there is some understanding in them not wanting to speak with you or whatever.

Can you give examples, please? Off-list is fine.


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