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Re: What the DFSG really says about trademarks

* Steve McIntyre (steve@einval.com) [050830 13:08]:
> Bully for them. Conference trips that have been paid for from Debian
> UK funds:
>  * Debconf 3 travel (Scott James Remnant, as he already mentioned)
>  * Dpkg conference (Scott again)
>  * GNOME foundation meeting, representing Debian (Matthew Garrett)
>  * Several DPL trips (Martin Michlmayr)
> All of these reimbursements were explicitly authorised by the DPL (tbm
> for the first 3, Branden for the latter). In each case, the money
> would have come from SPI funds but it's easier / cheaper to use money
> already in the UK.

And the same has happened with other Debian money hold by other
organisations for Debian. And that's IMHO a feature.


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