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Re: What the DFSG really says about trademarks

MJ Ray wrote:
> Philip Hands <phil@hands.com> wrote: [...]
>>This sort of hijacking of our name is the reason for having a trademark on
>>it -- We should clearly protect our users from the confusion that the DCC
>>name is bound to cause by issuing a cease & desist letter forthwith.
> If the above argument is persuasive, please send one to the group
> trading as "Debian-UK" chaired by Phil Hands (distinct from the
> mailing list with a similar name).  The following seems to apply
> equally well, with UK instead of Core:

You appear to have raised a valid point, in that we (the bulk of the DDs in
the UK [1]) are intent upon opening a bank account in the UK for the
purpose of holding the funds that we use as a float when buying T-Shirts
and CDs that are then sold when we represent Debian at UK expos and the like.

(This is intended as an improvement over the current situation, which is
that the money is sitting in Steve McIntyre's savings account)

To that end, we've set up a society:


the primary purpose of which is to allow us to open a bank account to hold
the mentioned funds.

As Mark's mail highlights, this does imply that there is an entity that is
calling itself Debian-UK that will be trading in the UK (once manage to set
up a bank account) in that we will be selling T-Shirts etc. to people at
Expos, and Debconfs etc.

That being the case, I (as the society's current chairman) would like to
formally request a license to use the Debian trademark in the context of
the Debian UK Society, and it's associated bank account.

Apologies for not considering this request as necessary earlier, and my
thanks to Mark for bringing it to my attention before we opened a bank
account or started trading under that name.

Cheers, Phil.

[1] I say the bulk although I don't think we've had a formal vote on the
matter -- I'm sure that Mark counts himself amongst the objectors to pretty
much any statement of this sort, so please don't assume that I'm speaking
on his behalf.

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