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Re: DCC usage of "Debian" trademark

On Sun, Aug 21, 2005 at 01:17:10PM +0200, Andreas Schuldei wrote:
> * Hamish Moffatt <hamish@debian.org> [2005-08-21 20:19:53]:
> > The name of the Debian leader's delegate on a Debian-related matter is
> > an SPI secret?
> no, but the DPL left it to the delegate to reveal his identity
> himself. the fact that he did not do it here yet is most likely a
> sign that he did not get around to it in the last 12h. (i think
> the delegation is not much older then that.)

Nobody responded to this, so I guess it wasn't misleading, but it sure
looked that way to me.

I wasn't keeping Don's identity as a secret to be revealed by him; I
offered him the delegation and then I had to go offline for awhile, as my
wife was undergoing surgery (again) last week, and I spent practically the
entire last weekend at Indiana Universtiy Hospital, where they didn't have
wireless, and just one Windows machine at which people queued up (which
wasn't even adequate for web browsing, thanks to IE's utterly crap
security, and in any case I'd never type a password or passphrase into a
Windows machine -- but I digress).

I felt it would be unfair to Don to announce that I'd approached him to
serve as a delegate in this matter before he had a chance to consider
it[1], so I drafted a delegation notice in some haste (as has been pointed
out), and attempted to leave him at liberty to accept or decline the offer
without feeling pressured by the knowledge that a bunch of Debian
developers were waiting hopefully on him to take on this somewhat
contentious issue.

Had my personal circumstances been different last weekend, or had it been a
less time-senitive issue, I'd have handled the delegation more as I did the
formation of the Package Policy Committee.

(For those who are wondering, Michelle is out of the hospital as of Friday
and is doing very well.  Her surgery in March was a failure, and
complications from it prevented her from attending DebConf in Helsinki.
This one appears to have been a success, and she's feeling better than she
has in months.)

[1] I had discussed it with him earlier in the week, after the August SPI
Board meeting, but I hadn't put on the leader hat and officially offered
him the role.

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