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New Maintainers

This is a summary of the AM report for Week Ending 28 Aug 2005.
1 applicant became a maintainer.

Kurt Roeckx <kroeckx>

  I have a master degree in electronics option ICT.  For my job I'm
  a programmer in C/C++ and also some assembler.  In my spare time
  I also program software, mostly in C.

  I'm a Linux user since 1995 when I got myself a Slackware CD
  which I've used for a long time.  I have always upgraded it
  manually to the latests versions.

  I got more involved in Debian when I got my amd64.  The
  debian-amd64 port wasn't really going anywhere at that time.
  I've started the amd64 packages repository on alioth and after
  some time I got some help with building and uploading the

  Since then I've been building packages, looking at the failed
  build logs, submitting bug reports and patches to the BTS.
  I've also made the debian-installer work for amd64 and still do
  the daily builds.

  I'm a free software user and developer because I believe in the
  principles of free software.  I want others to benefit from the
  work I, just as I do from the work others do.

Martin Michlmayr

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