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Re: Bug#321701: bug handling is a maintainers job

On Mon, 8 Aug 2005 12:50:48 +0200, Alexander Sack <asac@jwsdot.com> said: 

> Thus, I tell people with wishlist bugs: Hey, better do it on your
> own, otherwise I will either close this bug (if I disagree) or will
> be a bad, lossy proxy when trying to argue, why this feature is
> really needed (e.g. you know better why you want that feature and
> why it might be so important to be added to mainstream apps like
> firefox and thunderbird).

        This could be OK, depending on how it is phrased: Telling the
 user they can be better advocates for themselves is good;  but this
 should be an adjunct to the bug in the BTS. Closing or turning away
 wishlist bugs merely because the package is too big for you is not
 the best solution.

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