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bug handling is a maintainers job

Package: mozilla-firefox

Debian maintainers have always assumed full responsibility for their
work within Debian: they make sure their packages are in excellent shape
and they take care of all bugreports, either fixing them themselves
or working with upstream. So I was somewhat surprised when I filed
a bug on mozilla-firefox and got this message:

  *** Please submit non packaging issue (e.g. feature requests) bugs to
  the Debian BTS and the upstream bugzilla
  (http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/buglist.cgi?product=Firefox) and put a
  reference to the bugzilla bug in the Debian bug report, to ease bug
  triage for the maintainers. Thank you. ***

This is silly: it makes filing a bugreport a lot harder for users,
which can actively discourage them. Users should only have to deal
with Debian, not with all upstreams and all their different ways
of handling bugreports. As a maintainer it is your responsibility to 
take care of that.

If you can not handle the amount of bugreports there are better options
available. Team maintained packages, either officialy or non-officialy,
are one way of doing that which has been working great for a lot of


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