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Re: Bug#321701: bug handling is a maintainers job

On Sun, 7 Aug 2005 21:58:15 -0400, Eric Dorland <eric@debian.org> said: 

> I don't think it's silly at all. First of all, I'm making a request,
> I'm not demanding they do this. Firefox has 306 open bugs (well, 271
> if you don't count merged bugs), so it's a fairly buggy (and
> popular) piece of software. Especially in the case of random feature
> requests, it's merely taking time away from fixing other bugs, to
> having to forward them upstream. So if the submitter really cares
> about the feature, they can spend a little more time sending it
> upstream instead of just creating busy work for the maintainer. I've
> provided a link to the submission page, and bugzilla is a pretty
> standard and popular bug tracking system (even though I don't
> particularly like it, and many are of the same opinion). Do you
> really think people will be so discouraged that they'll give up all
> together instead of just filing the Debian bug.

        When a Debian user starts using a debian, they should be
 assured full service bug  reporting.A user may not be aware of the
 myriad upstream bug tracking systems for all the packages they use,
 so it is natural to go to the common debian BTS.

        Given that, it is important that the feature requests also be
 recorded in the VTS, for no other reason than to savbe you time as
 other people look at the BTS, find nothing, and send in a duplicate
 feature request.

        My personal choice is to forward the bug reports in the cases
 it makes sense, after triaging the report (yes, I triage rteports to
 save my upstreams time); and in cases it makes sense, I ask thre
 reporter to _also_ send the bug upstream, perhaps with more data (as
 reported by M-x gnus-bug, for example). Itell the reporter how to
 send such a bug, where to send it, and I request a CC to the
 #NNNN-forwarded  address.

        If you are finding the task of keeping up with bug reports too
 onerous, ask for help. If that still does not work, consider giving
 up the package so that someone with more time can adopt it. Hangning
 on to packages you do not quite have the time to handle correctly
 does no one any good.

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