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Re: "Debian" Core Consortium

* Thomas Viehmann (tv@beamnet.de) [050725 22:32]:
> Stephen Frost wrote:
> > * Thomas Viehmann (tv@beamnet.de) wrote:
> >>Maybe it would be great to come up with something that can be used by
> >>everyone interested. I'm thinking along the lines granting a license to
> >>use "Debian derived" as part of the name for products / efforts to
> >>create products derived from Debian, so that "Debian derived trusted
> >>Gnu/Linux" or "Consortium for a Debian derived core" would be covered.
> >>OK, now it's time to admit that I'm not a marketing expert and the
> >>examples offered do suck, but maybe it's a good idea. After all, we do
> >>like derived distros to reference Debian...
> > This sounds like something reasonable to do in terms of a trademark
> > policy but there's a couple problems with it.  If 'Debian derived'
> > actually falls under trademark requirements at all (I'm not sure it
> > does) and, if it does, then people still need to ask Debian/SPI for an
> > official submark before using it.  Basically, that kind of a policy is
> > fine, but doesn't remove the need for Debian/SPI to protect its
> > trademarks.

> Well, my idea was that it might be nice to have some general license
> (similar in spirit but likely not as liberal as free software license)
> for a submark to offer something to people deriving Debian and not
> create too much burden.

Just that trademark law is even more braindamaged and would make it at
least quite difficult to make such a general license.


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