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Re: "Debian" Core Consortium

* John Hasler:

> Ian writes:
>> "My response" has to do more with how that trademark policy appears to be
>> inconsistent with Debian's founding goals.
> I suspect that any effective trademark policy is going to be
> inconsistent with Debian's founding goals.

In general, we don't have to address this with a trademark policy.
The wrath of a dozen or so Debian developers is probably sufficient.
A trademark policy could reduce that risks for those wanting to use
the name "Debian", but it's hard to believe that we would come up with
a policy that is generally agreed upon.  And there's still the issue
of freedom.

At the heart, the problem shown by the present example is not even a
trademark problem.  Some organization could claim they form the core
of Debian, in a way that uses the mark legitimately.  Even in this
case, we should point out that such claims are false.

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