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Re: Discussion of bug #311683, default kde install shows porn

On 06/09/05 13:46:38, Philip Hands wrote:
I believe you've missed the point.

It's not that "random" goes of hunting for porn and slapping it on your screen, it's that certain "offensive" images may end up being downloaded, and then displayed to people who would prefer not to see them.

I believe you missed mine.

I was not complaining specifically about porn. I agree with those who did, but that has already been discussed at length in this thread.

I was complaining that a screensaver, that is, a program that isn't expected to have anything to do with web surfing, could download *anything* without asking me. Of course if I willfully enable "screensaver that downloads images from the web" I should expect exactly that. But not if I ask for "random screensaver".

Thus, basically, I was saying that would be an issue even without the porn.


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