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Re: Discussion of bug #311683, default kde install shows porn

Philip Hands wrote:
> I believe you've missed the point.
> As I understand it, the Random option does exactly what it says, it starts
> one of the named screensavers at random.  The problem is that some of the
> screensavers work by taking an image, and then manipulating it in various
> ways.  That's fine but it needs to get the images from somewhere, and one
> of the options is "look on the local drive, and chose an image at random".
> That too is fine until it turns out that you maiden aunt has selected the
> Random screen saver on a machine where your pubescent son has recently been
> exploring the breadth of educational material available on the web.

No. You have missed the point.

If your "maiden aunt" has selected Random screensaver, it will
eventually pick the screensaver WebCollage. WebCollge *downloads* random
images *from internet* *by itself*, with no user input and no
configuration needed.

To spell this out as clearly as I can:
  1. Do a fresh Sarge install, include the 'desktop' task.
  2. Make a user account 'aunt'
  3. Login on this account BUT select 'KDE' as dekstop (not default)
  4. Start kde control-center and select 'random screensaver'
     (not default)
  5. Leave computer unattended on an UNFILTERED ordinary internet
  6. Eventually, sexually explicit images (or worse) will be shown
     on screen. Those images are downloaded by WebCollage by itself from

No other user actions than described is required.


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