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Re: Discussion of bug #311683, default kde install shows porn

On Saturday 04 June 2005 7:23 am, R. Armiento wrote:
> The thing is, I *perfectly* agree with these statements. The "bug" here
> is just about that the current setup may make it a little too easy for
> people who will be offended by WebCollage to still accidently install
> and use it. It is sensible to both 1) keep things available for people
> who want to use them 2) help people avoid running things they do not
> wish to run. Don't you agree with this general principle?

This all seems a little foolish. If you want to insure that users do not 
accidentally stumble across porn the only reasonable solution is to block 
access to the Internet itself. WebCollage does precisely what it claims to 
do, which is load random images from the Internet. If you want the 
distribution to automatically protect users from unrated or pornographic 
material then that is a feature request, not a bug. (PICS rating recognition 
on webcollage might be one solution)

Anyone who connects to the Internet will eventually (usually sooner rather 
than later) come into contact with every form of pornography that the mind 
can conceive. Our responsibility is to provide access to the world's 
information resources, not to filter and censor them to meet some 
unquantifiable moral ideal. Users should make those choices for themselves.

Ean Schuessler, CTO
214-720-0700 x 315
Brainfood, Inc.

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