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Re: Discussion of bug #311683, default kde install shows porn

The KDE/porn problem doesn't seem to have existed to the same extent in 
Woody, since neither kdebase nor kscreensaver depended on xscreensaver, and 
xscreensaver wasn't as neatly integrated into KDE as it is now.

However, the problem is more prominent in Sarge, since the desktop task 
installs all the key pieces. kdebase contains the KRandom screensaver 
(which starts a random screensaver from the others available), though 
WebCollage will only be a part of its mix if kscreensaver-xsavers (part of 
kdeartwork), which in turn depends on xscreensavers, is installed. 
kscreensaver-xsavers contains a .desktop file for each xscreensaver. These 
files make their particular xscreensaver visible to KDE, so it can be 
manually selected in the KDE Control Center, and is seen by KRandom. 
However, as has been pointed out, KRandom is not KDE's default screensaver. 
As for WebCollage's alleged need for netpbm, kdelibs-bin depends on netpbm, 
so we're not shielded that way.

Regardless, this issue has existed in its present form in Sarge and Sid for 
a long time, and no one has complained until this most inconvenient moment. 
Thus it is rather doubtful that in practice too many people have found the 
issue overwhelmingly grave, if they've noticed it at all.

As Adeodato has already explained, the problem will be dealt with in 
Sid/Etch either by simply preventing KDE from being aware of WebCollage 
(fix kdeartwork), or by patching the KRandom screensaver to keep WebCollage 
out of its mix (fix kdebase).

If the Stable Release Manager feels that the issue ought to be dealt with, 
then of course either of these solutions is open to him as well, though it 
should be noted, that while the KDE team is taking over maintenance of 
kdeartwork post-Sarge, at the moment it is still in the hands of Ben 
Burton. kdebase is now and will continue to be maintained by the KDE team.

The first solution I mentioned is very easy to implement - simply leave 
webcollage.desktop off the list of installed files for 
kscreensaver-xsavers. It then becomes invisible as far as KDE is concerned. 
WebCollage has a number of questionable properties even without the issue 
of randomly downloading porn, some of which are noted in bug #247128. 
Debian's xscreensaver package, for instance, disables WebCollage by 
default, though it can be manually re-enabled.

Christopher Martin

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