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Re: Discussion of bug #311683, default kde install shows porn

Stephen Gran wrote:
ISTR that the default KDE setup does not activate the screensavers.  It
also doesn't pick random as the default.  So this means people have to
actively change the defaults and not have any enforced site policy to
trigger this.  Again, they asked webcollage to do what it does.

If this is true, it does make the issue somewhat less severe. I have not seen a conclusive test. The user who encountered the screensaver didn't think he had changed it, but I guess he might have forgotten. Hence the formulation in the original bug report (emphasis *not* added):
  "I *think* KDE's default setting for new users is to randomize
  screensavers; but even if it isn't, it is very easy for an
  experimenting user to flip this setting on, unaware of the 'risks'
  of running the web collage screensaver.

And apparently from the Fedora links (see top post in this thread) the random screensaver is default in their kde setup. But, if Debian's kde team indeed has made the design decision to not have any default screensaver at all (why?), then, sure, it is nice to see that at least some reconfiguration is needed. But I still think it is way too easy to switch this on by mistake.


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