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Re: Discussion of bug #311683, default kde install shows porn

On 10311 March 1977, Sven Luther wrote:

> Do we really want to be responsible for that ? I don't want to, and i suggest
> all distributors boycott the sarge release if this is not fixed ASAP.

Oh man, cant you get a live?
Even Bunk is much more helpful than you are.

Hell, this package and this configuration is in Debian since *months*
and noone cared, so its basically a "You lost" now.

It is one little thing out of 10k packages. With probably thousands of
things that can show porn or get you in a bad "legal state" at your
workplace, where you even dont know them yet.
So boycott sarge? Ok, use woody. Ups, same problem. Use mandrake - shit,
they probably have a similar crap package. So use windows, it comes with
so little amount of software you are safe to know that it isnt bad...

bye Joerg
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