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Re: Discussion of bug #311683, default kde install shows porn

[Disclaimer: I'm not a DD]

On Saturday 04 June 2005 17:07, MJ Ray wrote:
> "R. Armiento" wrote: [...]
> > Debian do not install the Sun as the default desktop wallpaper. If it
> > did, and burt the eyes of new users, that would be reported as a grave
> > bug. I rest my case.
> What justification for grave? It would be usable for short
> times and not cause data loss or open a security hole. It's
> just painful, so even that only qualifies for "important"
> IMO. I think you're uprating your bugs.

I just wanted to add some thoughts here.

I'm sorry, but IMHO, everything with distributions is not about security holes 
or data loss! In this thread you are all talking about people in the 
workplace. That's one point, but isn't Debian potentially being used on 
family computers, with children also using it ? I think this is even a more 
grave issue.

BTW, isn't it illegal in most countries to show "porn" to underage people !? I 
know that one does not have to search very long to find porn on the internet 
anyway, but that just doesn't mean it's right (still IMHO).

My 2 cents...


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