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Re: Discussion of bug #311683, default kde install shows porn

"R. Armiento" wrote: [...]
> > You asked to get a collage of web images.  Most of the web is porn 
> > sites.  Therefor, you asked for porn.  Feature, not bug, if you ask me.
> You miss the point that no one really asked for this "collage of web 
> images". It was a feature of the "default install" of debian testing.

Is kdebase-bin really part of the default install now? Yikes!

You may not have known that you were asking for it and that might
be a bug in the debian package or upstream, or it might be

> The point of the bug report is that this is likely to apply to most 
> workplaces. That is 1) people do not know about Webcollage 2) if they 
> knew, they would turn it off. A default that most people turn off, is 
> that a good default?

Do most people turn it off?

> Debian do not install the Sun as the default desktop wallpaper. If it 
> did, and burt the eyes of new users, that would be reported as a grave 
> bug. I rest my case.

What justification for grave? It would be usable for short
times and not cause data loss or open a security hole. It's
just painful, so even that only qualifies for "important"
IMO. I think you're uprating your bugs.

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