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Job posting: Portland, OR area, Galois Connections, Senior Test Engineer

Cross-posted to -project since Martin Michlmayr mentioned that there
may be some problem with the debian-jobs mailing list.  Feel free to
contact / CC me if you're going to apply for this position.

I'm posting this here because I think that Debian Developers would
excel at this position, where we need someone with a wide variety of
skills.  Several of us use Debian (and I'm a Debian developer).  The
position is for proprietary software, though we're working on
processes for releasing some software.  The work itself would likely
be on a mix of Linux and Windows.

Another interesting aspect of this job is that we use Haskell and
other functional languages in all of our projects.  Sorry for the
marketing speak :)



Senior Test Engineer


Galois Connections, Inc., located near Portland, Oregon, designs and
develops high confidence software for critical applications using
cutting edge methods and technology.  Innovative and highly creative
problem-solving in the demanding application areas of security,
information assurance and cryptography has earned Galois a reputation
of excellence in both private and government sectors.


Are you seeking an intellectually challenging position in which you'll
own a mission-critical piece of a mission-critical product?  Do you
aspire to work with a team that shares your level of commitment and
enthusiasm to develop tomorrow's high-assurance technology today?  If
so, you might be just the person we're looking for.


Galois has recently opened a position for a Senior Test Engineer who
will have end-to-end responsibility for the QA process, including
planning, QA infrastructure, and assessments.  This person will work in
a highly cooperative and collaborative team setting and will be
responsible for ensuring that our high-assurance projects deliver robust
and fully functional systems according to client expectations and
potential certifying agencies.  For more details about this exciting
opportunity please go to: http://www.galois.com/job_testengineer.php


To learn more about Galois visit our website at http://www.galois.com

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