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APT 0.6: let's get started (was: Take APT 0.6 discussion public!)

[taking personal stuff off-list]

also sprach Andreas Barth <aba@not.so.argh.org> [2005.02.19.1344 +0100]:
> And, please accept it from me:  I am _really_ disappointed.
> I brought the issues open with apt 0.6 up in public in hope to get
> to a solution, but you managed to convert it into a flamewar that
> steals time and energy instead of helping.  What do you think that
> your behaviour will promote - open discussions or hiding
> discussions from you?

As a matter of fact, the flamewar which I started has not kept
myself from working on APT 0.6. I am waiting for Florian to give us
a direction. In the mean time, I have reviewed and somewhat changed
weasel's patch, and sketched a number of ideas about how to improve
APT 0.6 myself.

I have not seen contributions to the discussion other than the few
in the thread on d-p. I mentioned before that I fucked up by
starting a flamewar, and I tried to apologise. Nevertheless, if
development in Debian simply stops because there is a flamewar, then
(without trying to relay guilt) we have a whole other thing coming!

Florian: what's the status? Can we get started? Who will be working
on this, and where do we coordinate?

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