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Re: experimental Request Tracker site for Debian infrastrcture available

Joachim Breitner, 2004-04-06 11:30:12 +0200 :

> Hi Branden,
> Am Di, den 06.04.2004 schrieb Branden Robinson um 10:59:
>> The site is:
>>          http://necrotic.deadbeast.net/rt
> [...]  But after a first glance I think that this software is too
> complex [...]  the possibility to CC: or forward RT mails to the
> lists would be quite handy.

  Just in case that helps: the trackers in Gforge (hint: Alioth) are
widely recognised to be simple (sometimes excessively so, even), and
they do provide the ability to send e-mails on submission and/or
updates on the "tickets".

  Of course, Alioth suffers from a Gödelian problem if it is to be
used for tracking things to do on our infrastructure, since it belongs
to it.  In other words: if (when) Alioth's down or unreachable, you
can't use it to track the ticket that says it's down or unreachable.

Roland Mas

It would be hard to be deader without special training.
  -- in Theatre of Cruelty (Terry Pratchett)

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