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Re: Respect (was Re: Some Comments on Sexism in #debian)

Andrew Suffield wrote:

> If people address issues rather than personalitites then everything
> you have said is completely irrelevant, because they aren't going to
> be perturbed by the "speech" pattern of the people they are talking
> to, so we can phrase things however we damn well please.
You're conflating two things; the people *speaking* addressing issues rather
than personalities and the people *listening* addressing issues rather than
personalities.  Even if the person speaking addresses issues, it is quite
likely the person listening will perceive it as a personal attack.  The
person speaking should still be trying to address issues, and furthermore
should make an effort to phrase it so that it will not be received as a
personal attack by the recipient.  Using abuse usually doesn't help get
one's message across (occasionally it does, but not usually).

To get back to something *concrete*, would anyone find it sexist if the
phrase was "So easy your secretary or your boss could use it"?  This pairs
a stereotypically male and a sterotypically female profession, both
stereotypically clueless.

Make sure your vote will count.

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