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Re: Some Comments on Sexism in #debian

>>>>> "AS" == Andrew Suffield <asuffield@debian.org> writes:

    AS> Sure, and that's best accomplished by everybody not being a
    AS> wuss.

It doesn't make you a wuss to be respectful to others. Quite the
contrary: the strong know their own strength and don't need to flex
their muscles all the time.

    AS> Your proposed scenario is "We work together better but we
    AS> can't get anything done because we can't talk to each other
    AS> for fear of offending somebody".

Being respectful doesn't mean mincing words or being
ineffectual. People around the world talk to each other like human
beings every day, and somehow manage to get things done.

Within our project, if you consider the most effective DDs*, you're
going to also be thinking of the most reasonable, thoughtful, and
friendly ones.

    AS> I find your suggestion that this is something we should be
    AS> doing to be fairly offensive, so you've already failed.

Hey, sure. It's impossible not to offend anyone. But it's always
possible to deal with people politely and respectfully. How they react
is their own business.

    AS> People who can't call things by their real names are not
    AS> useful.

You're mistaking talking straight with being a jerk. They're not the
same thing. Jerks comfort themselves with that idea, but it's not
the case. You can call a spade a spade without calling the guy holding
it a spade-holding fuckwit and kicking mud on his shoes.


* By the way, I don't count myself in this number. I have a crappy
  temper, and I'm not any great shakes as a Debian contributor. I try
  to live up to what I'm saying here, but any search of debian-* list
  archives would turn up several instances of me being a bully and/or
  a jerk. So, you know, hypocrisy fully owned up to.

Evan Prodromou

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