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Re: Section gnustep, was: http://packages.debian.org/unstable/

Gürkan Sengün wrote:
> > On topic: I don't really think a section for this few packages is worth
> > it.
> I think it is worth because
> gnustep *clearly* does not belong in the x11 section.
> > Package count (binary, unstable of two days ago, without contrib and
> > non-free) is below, and it shows that even the smallest section has nearly
> > 300 packages.
> Nice try butc can you tell me how you got to that numbers, exactly?
> apt-cache search gnome | wc -l gave me 656
> and kde gave me 556 (debian gnu/linux, sid today on powerpc)

When trying to determine how many packages are in a given section, you
must not use apt-cahce search since it doesn't search in the Section
string.  You'd have to fetch the Packages.gz file and perform
something along "zgrep '^Section: foo' Packages.gz|wc -l"



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