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Re: Just a single Question for the Candidates

[Thomas Bushnell, BSG]
> I agree that Debian has a problem in this area and that it's worth
> worrying about and trying to fix.  I do not think that Helen has
> given us any information about it; she is guessing at what men
> usually do, and imputing that to us, and guessing about how women
> feel.

That may be true.  However, you may have overlooked Erinn Clark's post
to this thread, which, fortuitously, has just the sort of information
you seem to be asking for.  I have little to add to her post, which you
can find here:


All I can really add is that she's not making this stuff up.  I've been
on freenode::#debian for a few months now and I've seen the harassment,
the unwelcome advances, the juvenile behavior, the abuse, that she's
talking about.  It's not all sexual in nature, to be sure - the #debian
channel sometimes drives away potential *male* users as well.

WRT mailing list behavior, I don't have a lot of grounds to comment -
I haven't been actively following the lists for nearly as long.


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