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Re: LSB Compliance

Asad Quraishi wrote:
> I have seen in your past press releases that you were involved in LSB 
> compliance.  Why is your distro not LSB compliant?  Maybe I've missed 
> something but I did check to see which vendors were compliant and you do 
> not seem to be there.

The specification was released after Debian woody was released, hence,
there is only little chance of fixing the remaining incomplientnesses.
Debian is mostly LSB compliant.  It was not a release goal to postpone
the release of woody even longer so the LSB spec/testuite was released
and we could react to it.

> If I'm right then this is a shame.  From my vantage point (as both 
> business person and technologist) the LSB standards are important as 
> moving between vendors is that much less painful.  It's one of the 
> reasons I went with Red Hat among distros - although now, for other 
> reasons, I would like to move to Debian.  Is it something you are 
> working on?

As Roland said, Debian sid (unstable) should be compliant, maybe testing
as well.

What exactly is it that you are missing and which is the reason you
cannot use the distribution you like to but are bound to another?
Quite often, there is a way to fix that gap for you, if you really

(I may be wrong, since I don't remember all details, so please bear
with me.)



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