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Re: LSB Compliance

talking about certification: are there any efforts/thoughts about
getting oracle certified? we have to use suse or redhat instead of
debian for most of the oracle installations due to certification (and therefore support from oracle). we know, it's a matter of time and money. but we would like to support these efforts in any way possible, if there are any. so maybe someone can guide me to the right contacts in the debian project.


Roland Mas wrote:
Asad Quraishi (2003-04-25 11:47:23 -0400) :

I have seen in your past press releases that you were involved in
LSB compliance.  Why is your distro not LSB compliant?  Maybe I've
missed something but I did check to see which vendors were compliant
and you do not seem to be there.

As far as I know, we *are* compliant.  If you install a few lsb-*
packages on your Debian system, then you get an LSB-compliant system.

  You probably mix two concepts: the one of being compliant, and the
one of being certified.  I believe the certification process is long
and involves lots of money and administrative tasks.  We, the Debian
project, as a volunteer one, have not (yet?) gone for the
certification process.  But I'm sure we'd welcome any offer for help
on that path.



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