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Re: Fear the new maintainer process

tb@mit.edu (Thomas Bushnell, BSG) wrote:

> In my case, nobody ever informed me that a three-week deadline, or
> whatever it is, existed.

Well, that is something that should be corrected.  The applicants need
to know the timeline established for the procedure.  It's only fair.

> I was utterly unaware that a rapid response was suddenly required.
> Perhaps this should be made more clear in the new web page and the
> contact email that gets sent out.
> No complaints, except for the lack of good documentation... ;)

Yes.  Some sort of standard deadline should be used, and the applicant
should be informed of this.  Extensions are possible, and in the truly
rare event that someone could not respond for reasons beyond his
control, we can enter him back into the New Maintainer queue, when he is
ready to resume the process.

- Brian

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