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Re: Fear the new maintainer process

brian@debian.org (Brian Mays) writes:

> Then explain that to the new maintainer team and ask for an extension.

Incidentally, the notion of an "extension" is fine, but only if there
is communication of the need to ask for one.

In my case, nobody ever informed me that a three-week deadline, or
whatever it is, existed.

Consider it from my point of view:  I sent mail, a LONG time ago,
inquiring about becoming listed as a developer.  Nothing happened, at
all.  Then, months and months later, one email arrives, that says
basically "hi, I've been assigned to be your application manager, we
need identification and a signed GPG key."  

Nothing said "Please respond to this right away".  Nothing said
"answer in two weeks or you lose".  Nothing said "be more responsive
to us than we were to you".  So how was I to know that an "extension"
(an utterly new thing in the process) was to be asked for, given that
I was not able to reply quickly?

> But what kind of developer would he make?

Probably average.

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