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Re: Please reply soon, or I could not proceed (Re: how to be a rude bastard?)

Taketoshi Sano <sano@debian.org> writes:

> Thomas, I have sent the first contact mail to you at July 9, and also 
> sent the 2nd mail to you at yesterday (July 25).  I have been waiting
> your reply for more than two weeks.  I wonder you have gone away off
> from the network, but since you can post your mail on our mailing list,
> I think you can reply to me soon.

I was utterly unaware that a rapid response was suddenly required.
Perhaps this should be made more clear in the new web page and the
contact email that gets sent out.  

*NOTHING* in the documentation of the process says anything about how
long steps should take, and given the fact that getting from step 1 to
step 2 took about four months of waiting on my part, I assumed that
nobody was that intent on keeping things moving at a rapid clip.

No complaints, except for the lack of good documentation... ;)


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