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Re: Proposed change to Debian constitution


On Wed, Nov 03, 1999 at 11:48:39AM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:
> > 
> > From my point of view, it got even worse, and it has not moved just a little
> > bit towards an acceptable proposal for me.
> I don't entirely disagree with this actually; I'd rather n-m behaved
> somewhat differently to how Wichert describes it. But I'd already gone
> over that in -private and I wasn't really concerned enough to go over
> it again in -project. No one else seemed to either, actually, and the
> public thread in -project didn't really come to anything.

I subscribed very early to -project just because of this, and found Wicherts
proposal already posted and missed it. So I had to fetch it from the web
site. If Wicherts post to debian-project didn't cause appropriate response,
it's entirely his fault to choose the wrong forum.

> > What else can I do?
> Restate your objections in public? (Forward the appropriate mails from
> -private to -project?)

I will consider this, but it's not as easy, because I need to completely
rework my critique. As all my past efforts were not responded to, my
motivation to pick up the discussion one more time is very low.
Neither did somebody ask me to repost my critique, so them being in -private
doesn't seems to be the reason.

However, if I have time, I will probably do this.

> Become a member of n-m and subvert it from within? (Under the `those
> what do the work make the rules' theory)

As Debian doesn't cover the expenses, I can't even
consider it. My phone bill is high enough for local
calls to get my modem on the net.

Even then, I would not subvert it. This is not a political system, although
it feels a lot like it too often (yes, you can consider this last part of
the sentence as whining :).

"Those who do the work make the rules" is not a good paradigm for Project
Leader delegates. If they operate under this rule, we can just pack our
stuff and go home. ftp admins, new maintainer committe and sysadmins of
Debian are doing necessary tasks without the ability to make a lot of
decisions. It just has to be done following some rules. After the rules have
been finalised, not following them is counterproductive. What you can do is
create new rules and encourage to replace or delete old ones, something we
have the constitution for. It's what we are currently trying to do.

"Debian does not own us, but we don't own Debian either."

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