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Re: Failed install attempt - GRUB issue - hfsprogs missing?


John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
On 6/25/19 11:50 PM, Riccardo Mottola wrote:
in the meanwhile I did not stand still, but I tried:

1) boot with rescue CD as Frank suggested
2) mount root
Did you bind-mount /dev, /proc and /sys as well?

I did not - I though rescue would do that for me.

3) get and install yaboot
3) nvsetenv boot-device "$( ofpath /dev/<HFS_BOOTSTRAP_PARTITION> ),\grub"
Does ofpath /dev/sda1 show a correct path?

it does print a reasonable OpenFirmware path:

should actually sda1 (the minimal partition at the beginning) or sda2 (the 20MB partition) be used?

my question is if everything is partitioned and installed correctly.
If I boot holding down "option", shouldn't all bootable disks be shown? boot-device is only the setting with tells OF where to automatically boot from, but if a good disk is found, it should be found: can somebody try on his GRUB mac? On my iBook which still has yaboot, I see a Hard Disk Icon with a small penguin. On the PowerBook I don't see it.

parted shows me 4 partitions

1) 32KB "no file system", named Apple, no flags
2) 20MB "no file system", untitled, flagged as boot
3) 96GB ext4, untitled, no flags
4) 4GB linux-swap, swap, swap

is that fine?

I wonder if inside the chrooted environment, if I configure network and sources, I can "reinstall" something and fix the situation so at least OF recognizes this as a bootable disk?

PS: I noticed that the CD still has the wrong mirrors source list, as a long time ago. What should be the correct one to use currently and can itbe fixed too?
This is something I cannot influence as this is blocked here [1].

do we have a page which shows the current advised settings?


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