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Re: Failed install attempt - GRUB issue - hfsprogs missing?

Hi Adrian,

John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
It can be done from any running system, it doesn't really matter whether
it's been booted off a CD-ROM or from any other medium.

But I will be looking into this issue soonish. Please bear with me.

in the meanwhile I did not stand still, but I tried:

1) boot with rescue CD as Frank suggested
2) mount root
3) get and install yaboot
3) nvsetenv boot-device "$( ofpath /dev/<HFS_BOOTSTRAP_PARTITION> ),\grub"

but reboot... still shows me the blinking folder and using "option" does not show the hard disk.

So I wonder what could be "Missing" if only the boot loader installation failed during install
perhaps grub itself.

Perhaps I can in the rescue shell try to reinstall and reconfigure grub? how?


PS: I noticed that the CD still has the wrong mirrors source list, as a long time ago. What should be the correct one to use currently and can itbe fixed too?

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