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Re: Debian ports Sid release file not valid yet?!

Hello Alex!

On 5/4/19 12:33 AM, Alex McKeever wrote:
> Why is this even happening?

Without any log files or console output we are unable to help you.

We need to see your /etc/apt/sources.list as well as the exact output
of APT when this problem occurs.

> I’m running a slightly modified install on my eMac here because the 4 series kernel doesn’t work with it (CRT is blank). I am running the older 3.13 series kernel and am at a roadblock in installing software. I am running the 10.0
> Minimal install with the aforementioned kernel from Ubuntu 14.04.5

This sounds rather hacky so you have be aware that you might run into
certain issues when using such an old kernel with modern userland.


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