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Re: Debian Installer GRUB test image available

On 5/5/19 5:19 PM, Thomas Schmitt wrote:
>> BootX is an enhanced bootloader written by Apple [...]
>> in real life BootX is a COFF executable and not a bootinfo file.
> This seems to be not mutually exclusive.
>   https://opensource.apple.com/source/bless/bless-11/README.BOOTING
> states
>   "In the new world situation, BootX is in the bootinfo format, which is
>    to say that it is an XCOFF with XML headers which specify additional
>    Forth commands."

Which proves that what GRUB and the older Debian powerpc Yaboot installation
images do is correct and according to specification. Please note that these
images have been proven to boot fine on actual PowerMacs and even display
the embedded logo icon.

> In debian-10.0-powerpc-grub-NETINST-1.iso and in grub-rescue-powerpc-test.iso
> I see "<CHRP-BOOT>" as first line.
>   https://flylib.com/books/en/
> shows a very similar example of a BootX.
> Both ISOs show no "machine code" after </CHRP-BOOT> and no "xcoff" in the
> <BOOT-SCRIPT> part. Maybe that's what is missing in comparison to real
> life examples.

Why shouldn't the ISO images created by GRUB and the old Debian powerpc stable
releases not be any real world examples?


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