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Re: Curious why the PowerMac G5 quad needs a monitor to boot

Hello Dennis!

On 5/4/19 5:03 AM, Dennis Clarke wrote:
> Seems like very strange behavior but if I try to boot the G5 headless
> it just roars the fans and sits there dead.
> No idea why.
> ppc64$
> ppc64$ uname -a
> Linux hydra 5.0.11-genunix #1 SMP Fri May 3 21:37:21 UTC 2019 ppc64 GNU/Linux
> ppc64$ uname -rm
> 5.0.11-genunix ppc64
> ppc64$

Looking at the kernel version, this is not a Debian system so I'm not sure
how we can help here. But I would suggest attaching a serial console to
monitor what's happen during hardware initialization and boot so you
can maybe figure out what the problem is.

Not providing any log messages is asking us to look into our crystal balls
which we unfortunately forgot to bring to work.


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