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Re: Debian Jessie mirrors

Hello Pshemek!

On 5/4/19 12:29 AM, Przemysław Buczkowski wrote:
> I tried to update it today but it seems that powerpc Jessie packages were removed from all the official Debian mirrors;

Yes, all the mirror for Debian Jessie (powerpc) content has been removed
from the main mirrors.

> quick search shows that the packages were retained only on some unofficial mirrors and so they are going to get deleted soon to.

That's not correct. The Jessie packages have been moved to archive.debian.org
which is what happens for every old Debian release when it gets removed from
the main mirrors. archive.debian.org is neither inofficial nor are the packages
going to be removed from there. The whole point of archive.debian.org is to be
an archive for old Debian versions (unsurprisingly).

> Does it mean that there won't be any security updates and even ability to download compiled packages? I can't find any announcement about that.

Anything that has been moved to archive.debian.org is no longer receiving security
updates, that's correct. However, Debian Jessie has LTS support for a selected
number of architectures which does not include powerpc, see [1].

In your situation, I would recommend switching your Debian Jessie (powerpc)
installation to Debian unstable from Debian Ports. For that, you need to
update your sources.list [2] and also install a new APT keyring or import
it with the help of GNUPG [3].

> PS. If there is any work to do as for porting Debian to powerpc, let me know!

There are plenty of tasks available within the Debian powerpc port, feel
free to join any of the current ongoing discussions on the list if you
want to help us with our efforts.


> [1] https://wiki.debian.org/LTS/
> [2] https://lists.debian.org/debian-powerpc/2018/07/msg00004.html
> [3] https://lists.debian.org/debian-powerpc/2018/07/msg00011.html

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