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Re: Request for a Debian CD logo - was: Re: Sorry for the noise...

So, if anyone wants to put a Debian Swirl in there, I'm happy to include
it. And since I can already confirm that the logo shows in the selection
menu of my iBook G4 when booting the rescue CD from [3], we can be sure
the Debian Swirl would work, too.

That would be nice! If there's a need for additional examples, the
powerpc installer ISO from 2019-04-20 for example contains a Tux logo in

BTW, I find it very cool, how much of the actual - let's say rendered -
picture is already recognizable in the "ASCII" version, both for the GNU
logo and the Tux logo. I wonder if the logos shown on the glass console
by SPARCstations and later SPARC machines are not created the same way.

Slightly off topic but I really need to do some SPARC testing as I am
swimming in that stuff.  There just is no way to keep Solaris running
anymore on anything older than eight or nine years ago and so testing
my fav Linux distro seems like a damn fine idea.

This is a note mostly to remind myself to get that going.

I have an M4000 sitting around with 256G of memory and fully loaded
doing nothing but fighting gravity.  That seems wrong to me.

Dennis Clarke
UNIX and Linux spoken
GreyBeard and suspenders optional

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