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Re: Request for a Debian CD logo - was: Re: Sorry for the noise...

Am 02.05.19 um 11:06 schrieb John Paul Adrian Glaubitz:
> So, if anyone wants to put a Debian Swirl in there, I'm happy to include
> it. And since I can already confirm that the logo shows in the selection
> menu of my iBook G4 when booting the rescue CD from [3], we can be sure
> the Debian Swirl would work, too.

I've made a swirl logo 64x64 and tried verious ways to save it with
GIMP: bmp uncompressed, tga, sun raster image, you name it... I used RGB
and 256-indexed color... But I just can't figure out the format in which
the icon should be in. I'm trying to safe the image in vavious formats
and look at the binary code with a hex editor like Okteta (KDE). Okteta
can also safe the hex table as txt file. Looking at /ppc/bootimage.txt
from grub-rescue-powerpc-test.iso you can see the GNU logo even in a
text editor. But what's the format? I don't get any result like it. Or
is there a way to convert an image?

Help appreciated.

Doing some Internet research, where I found nothing at all on the
format, I made the observation that there are different kinds of
CHRP-BOOT icons:

One is <BITMAP> ... </BITMAP> that has an <ICON> ... </ICON> field in
front, defaulting to 64x64 for the image-size and to 3,3,2 for the
color-space. It is safe to assume that this default image size and color
space is the most supported one. From the CHRP specification that I
found[1] it states "This version of CHRP supports only a 3,3,2 icon
color-space and 64,64 icon size."

For the bitmap it states: "This element specifies the bitmap. It
consists of a sequence of hex digit pairs, each of which defines a pixel;
white spaces is allowed between pixel values. The number of hex digit
pairs is defined by the product of the
width and height values of the SIZE parameter." and "Note 2: Hex string
would be 8192 characters for a size=64,64 in the above example."

So I'm looking for a bitmap the size of 8192 characters...

Then there are <OS-BADGE-ICONS>...</OS-BADGE-ICONS>, apparently 16x16
icons and more than one within this XML tag.[2]

I then also found <OS-VOLUME-ICONS> from yaboot-1.3.17 [3]

I don't really grasp the difference of ICON/BITMAP and OS-VOLUME-ICONS,
they seem to be the same in size. Also how is OS-BADGE-ICONS used? I've
seen those 16x16 icons displayed in the lower right corner of a standard
HDD or CD-ROM icon in the OS Picker of Power Macs before, but how is it
determined when to display which of the mentioned tags/icons?


Linux User #330250

[1] http://www.bitsavers.org/pdf/apple/powerpc/CHRP/chrp1_7a.pdf



[4] http://yaboot.ozlabs.org/releases/yaboot-1.3.17.tar.gz

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