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Re: Request for a Debian CD logo - was: Re: Sorry for the noise...

On 5/2/19 11:06, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
On 5/1/19 11:50 PM, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
And last but not least, the most important impact: When started from the
internal optical drive (or any other supported boot device by the Open
Firmware OS Picker, i.e. holding the option key at the chime to see the
directly supported boot options), you'd get to see a nice Debian
GNU/Linux logo for the installer. This is something that seems not less
important to me as well... ;-)

The GRUB rescue ISO that I created actually showed the GNU logo on my
iBook G4 and the ISO also contains "ppc/bootinfo.txt" which seems to
be a CHRP-BOOT script containing the bitmap logo.

I just had another thought on this: If you want, you can actually go ahead
and create a Debian bitmap for us to be integrated into debian-cd, similar
to what GRUB does for the rescue CD.

The bitmap needs to go into the chrp-boot script [1] which is used during
build. The current bitmap just seems to be a plain white/black block but
if you have look at the default script [2] that GRUB uses for the rescue CD
generated with grub-mkrescue, you see there is actually a nice GNU logo

So, if anyone wants to put a Debian Swirl in there, I'm happy to include
it. And since I can already confirm that the logo shows in the selection
menu of my iBook G4 when booting the rescue CD from [3], we can be sure
the Debian Swirl would work, too.

That would be nice! If there's a need for additional examples, the
powerpc installer ISO from 2019-04-20 for example contains a Tux logo in

BTW, I find it very cool, how much of the actual - let's say rendered -
picture is already recognizable in the "ASCII" version, both for the GNU
logo and the Tux logo. I wonder if the logos shown on the glass console
by SPARCstations and later SPARC machines are not created the same way.


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