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Re: Debootstrap Error : Couldn't find these debs: debian-ports-archive-keyring-udeb

On 5/2/19 11:15, Dennis Clarke wrote:
Well you're doing great things.  Wish I could test sparc as I have
plenty of that laying around. Even newer stuff just laying around.

What's holding you back? And more important (:-D): what have you available? Maybe we should adjust our lists to not test on the same model twice or multiple times. I got everything listed at [1] **minus**:

* (Ultra) Enterprise 5x00/6x00
* Blade 150
* Sun Fire V440
* SPARC T4-2

...available for testing, though most of them are in storage but accessible there or can be fetched.

[1]: https://wiki.debian.org/Sparc64#Known_Working_System_Configurations

Maybe we continue this part of the discussion on the debian-sparc list.

Also ... funny thing.  I tend to test stuff with edge case type options
just to kick the tires.  So I tried a partition table layout like so :
     SCSI3 (0,0,0) (sdb) - 500.1 GB ATA Hitachi HDS72505
     >      #1     32.3 kB                    Apple
     >      #2     20.0 MB  B  K  boot        untitled
     >      #3     96.0 GB     F  ext4        root      /
     >      #4    128.0 GB     F  ext4        local     /usr/local
     >      #5     32.0 GB     F  swap        swap      swap
     >      #6     96.0 GB     F  ext4        home      /home
     >      #7     96.0 GB     F  ext4        opt       /opt
     >      #8      4.0 GB     F  ext2        boot      /boot
     >      #9     16.0 GB     F  ext4        temp      /tmp
     >     #10     32.1 GB     F  ext4        source    /usr/local/src
     >             25.1 kB        FREE SPACE

Cool ... that all proceeds fine during install but it never created a
filesystem on /dev/sda10 and thus at first boot the system dropped to
emergency mode prompt and would not boot. The entry in /etc/fstab was
borked for /dev/sda10.  There was no uuid data.

That borked line could be useful in the bug report mentioned below.

So I manually created the filesystem, edited /etc/fstab and everything
went along fine.  Maybe the loop for processing the partitions and
filesystems is limited to a single numerical char at the end of the
/dev/sdaX type string?  Who knows.  Just a bit odd.

You should file a bug against the partitioner (partman?). I'm not sure how many partitions the mac partitioning scheme allows, but seem to remember the number 10, but I'd assume this wouldn't include the 1st partition that holds the label, so adding a 11th one could still be according to the specs.

Does someone have the facts available?


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