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Re: GRUB Error on 04-12 Images

On 4/15/19 10:18 PM, Noah Wolfe wrote:
> I was installing from a USB thumb drive, which the installer
> recongnized as 'sda', putting the first HD to 'sdb', and the second to
> 'sdc'. Once it is finished installing and the thumb drive has been
> removed, however, it has no trouble booting from the first HD, now
> recognized as 'sda', and the second as 'sdb'.

We're using UUIDs, there should be no device file names in the end.

> As for capitalization, I was typing everything out on my tablet, and it
> autocorrected everything on its own, so I apologize for the confusion.
> I'll try to copy syslog errors direct from the source in the future.

This is always rather sub-optimal as it makes grepping for text impossible.
If you can't copy the logs, try making a screenshot with a camera or
similar. Or use netconsole during installation, this way you can copy
and paste the text from the second machine.

> This GRUB "error" was a mistake on my part, so by all intents and
> purposes, the installer is currently functioning fine. I'd say a more
> pressing issue is that once xorg is installed, although still
> functional, GRUB's background turns corrupted in appearance and
> navigational performance becomes very slow to respond.

Yes, I'm aware it turned out to be a partitioning problem. But the point
is that the code needs to be more robust to catch these cases.


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